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How To Support Your Health, Get Lean and Have Your Energy Through The Roof Just By Drinking The Right Kind Of Water!

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Potential Benefits Of Drinking Water From The VitaJuwel Wellness Bottles!
According to their research all you have to do to look 20 years younger is to increase the percentage of hexagonal water in your body!

Because most scientists’ passion was to help people, many have spent more than a decade trying to change the structure of bottled and tap water and turn it into living water with a perfect hexagonal structure, so that the whole world can support their health and maintain their youth.

Finally, after dozens of experiments and trials, he remembered the power of quartz crystals, so one scientist had tried something unusual.

And The Results Shocked Him And All The Other Researchers!

He managed to revitalize “dead” water and restore its perfect hexagonal structure, transforming it into “living” water!

How? Simple ….

He kept tap water in glass bottles with quartz jewelry …

The photo below (the left side), taken in the laboratory, shows a crystal of ordinary tap water.

After being held, for only 7 minutes, in a glass bottle with quartz gemstones, as you can see in the right side of the image below, the water molecules have completely changed their shape, gaining a harmonious hexagonal structure.

And so, dead water was turned into living water!

In other words, using the quartz crystals, these scientists were able to revitalize tap or bottled water, help it regain its original, natural energy and therefore become “alive”, turning it into “living” water, which is truly beneficial to your body.

In the meantime, the Eisen family from Germany, the founders of VitaJuwel, was already using the power of quartz crystals to revitalize water.

And when these scientists and researchers came to test the Vitajuwel bottles in 2012, they started publishing countless papers on the benefits of drinking water from Vitajuwel bottles!

And that’s how the VitaJuwel bottles became so popular all over the world!

Many Celebrities and Health Experts Have Chosen To Drink Water Only From Our VitaJuwel Bottles!

Drew Barrymore loves our bottles. Here’s what she wrote on her blog:

“I was so excited to try this!!! My brand new sparkly gold flecked Wellness water bottle ✨

Thank you Vitajuwel for helping me go through my detox easier!!!

I’ve never been a water drinker, but THANKS TO YOU, I AM DRINKING ALL THE WATER I SHOULD BE, because it tastes amazing!”

“From the first time I encountered VitaJuwel, I was captivated …

I bought my first Wellness Bottle as a gift for myself and then bought a few more for my family, and now, it’s the only water we drink… period!

There is such a pleasing taste, and it also helps me stay hydrated, balanced and energized throughout my day.

After enjoying the taste and discovering the benefits for myself, I introduced VitaJuwel as part of my Health Coaching Hub and many of our clients enjoy the many health benefits of drinking Vitajuwel infused water.”

Mercedes Jalil, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Drinking Gem Water From The VitaJuwel Bottles Can Potentially Change Your Life And Drastically Supports Your Health!

And because you can turn regular bottle or tap water into heavenly living water and potentially get so many amazing health benefits, we called this “The Vitajuwel Wellness Bottle”!

Special Limited-Time Offer:
Get “VitaJuwel Wellness Bottles”

If You Purchase Today, the Vitajuwel Wellness Bottles are on a 50% sale…

$179 $89

+ small shipping fee